Member Companies

Who is covered?

The following CPs are registered with CISAS and are listed in alphbetical order.  Click on the letter or numbers below.  Clicking on the name of the CP should take you to their website. 

If your CP has told you that they are a members of CISAS but they are not on this list then please contact us.

If your CP is not listed as a member of CISAS then they may either be a member of OS:C or they may not yet be a member of an approved ADR service.  In this case you should refer them to Ofcom.

If you are a CP and want to join CISAS, please view our Information for Companies page.  


Where the company name is followed by (ISPA) (ITSPA) or (FCS) this reflects their membership of a trade body for their specific industry.

ISPA is the Internet Services Providers Association. ISPA were instrumental in the formation of CISAS back in 2003 and continue to offer support for the service today.

ITSPA is the Internet Telephony Services Providers Association. ITSPA is a relatively new trade body formed to represent providers of internet based telephony services.

The Federation of Communication Services. FCS - is the UK Trade Association for the communications services industry representing businesses delivering products and services to customers by radio, mobile, fixed and IP telephony.


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